Released 2020-01-27
0000405: [General] Fix animations on login/registration in Firefox (tim)
0000406: [General] Timezone not set correctly (tim)
0000404: [Posts] Add Twitch embedding support (tim)
0000388: [Security] Improve session management (tim)
0000393: [Notifications] Notification settings not always defined correctly (tim)
0000395: [API] Improve creation of API apps. (tim)
0000397: [Emails] DKIM failing (tim)
0000398: [Liking] Liking does not send notification (tim)
0000399: [Settings] Authentication app method cannot be disabled (tim)
0000400: [Comments] Comment box is cleared on error (tim)
0000402: [Spaces] Deleting space removes avatar and header (tim)
0000403: [API] Stop support for API V2 (tim)
0000389: [Login & registration] Verifying account errors not handled correctly (tim)
0000392: [Liking] Loading liked user info not always working (tim)
0000391: [Login & registration] Long password handling (tim)
0000387: [General] Maskable launch icons Android (tim)
0000386: [Login & registration] Registration captcha false positive (tim)
0000385: [General] Use of TLDs should be more consistent (tim)
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Released 2019-12-03
0000384: [Settings] Improve account settings (tim)
0000382: [Posts] Update Here Maps to version 3.1 (tim)
0000381: [Spaces] Post as space not working (tim)
0000380: [Friends] Going to settings from friends list not working (tim)
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