Scheduled For Release 2020-03-01
0000415: [General] Add illustrations to multiple locations (tim)
0000418: [General] Improve UI for blocked users on Mobile (tim)
0000416: [General] Landing page slide dots not visible (tim)
0000417: [Login & registration] Display name incorrect sanitation (tim)
0000413: [General] Disable loading screen for logged out users (tim)
0000411: [Login & registration] Account verification always shows error (tim)
0000412: [Login & registration] Account verification does not show correct errors (tim)
0000410: [Posts] Add GIF support (tim)
0000407: [Posts] Improve new post flow (tim)
0000409: [General] Improve modals on mobile (tim)
0000408: [General] Improve dark mode (tim)
0000405: [General] Fix animations on login/registration in Firefox (tim)
0000406: [General] Timezone not set correctly (tim)
0000404: [Posts] Add Twitch embedding support (tim)
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